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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Trial of Boko Haram Suspects Must Be Fair - Amnesty International

Nigeria government on Monday, resumed the trial of Boko Haram suspects.

As the trial continues, Human Right International Nigeria Director, Osai Ojigho has said, the secrete probe raises much concern.

"Justice impossible unless Boko Haram terror suspects get fair trials"

“These trials should provide a much-needed opportunity to deliver justice for the many victims of human rights abuses and crimes allegedly committed by Boko Haram members. However, the fact that the trials are taking place behind closed doors, with no access for the media or the public, raises huge concerns. Public hearings are crucial for protecting an individual’s right to a fair trial and due process,” he said.

“The Nigerian authorities must ensure that all fair trial rights are respected. Defendants must have access to lawyers and interpreters if required, and that witnesses and victims are protected from potential reprisals.”

The organisation said it had documented how thousands of people were rounded up in mass arbitrary arrests with little or no evidence and held in detention for years.

“In instances where no prima facie case has been established, as is reportedly the situation in some of the cases, detainees should be immediately released,” it said.

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