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Monday, July 24, 2017


Israel is seeking various ways to deescalate tensions surrounding Temple Mount, which have lead to Palestinian violence.

There was a meeting of security officials late Sunday night, they however were unable to deiced on the measure to be taken and will be meeting again Monday. 

Jason Greenblatt, President Donald Trump’s Mideast envoy, is on his way to the region to try to defuse the rising tension. He is expected to arrive on Monday in the Trump administration’s first direct venture into the crisis.

Jerusalem police chief f Yoram Halevi, met with Ikrema Sabri, a lawyer representing the Muslim leadership to fine solution to the problem of who controls the city of Jerusalem, Palestine maintains that the holy city belongs to them and that the Jews has no place in Jerusalem.

New security measured such as the ucameras as alternative to metal detectors which were installed to prevent more attack were discussed.  

Israel introduced the new security measures, including metal detectors, last week after Arab terrorists fired from the shrine, killing two Israeli policemen. Palestinians allege they are an Israeli and attempt to control the site and have launched violent riots in protest.

The crisis is threatening to devolve into a Muslim holy war against Israel.

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